We could use this page to summarize all of our ministries. Below, we can list each that we’d like to discuss. I’ll need help getting content on what to write. Several categories that we should think of is Men’s ministry (perhaps content from Court), Women’s ministry, Family (although I don’t think we really have one), Evangelism (Jayly), Deaf (Pat), C.A.S.A. (?).

Women’s Ministry

All of the women of this congregation make up the “Women’s Ministry.” Whether we’re seeing to someone’s physical need or spiritual edification, we are for better or worse, a collection of women from diverse cultural, racial, and social backgrounds. We are blessed with differing talents and techniques, and afflicted by differing circumstances and struggles. Yet, here we are. All of us members of a royal priesthood, Daughters of a King, and sisters through Him; working diligently in some capacity, on behalf of,…


Here, I would post articles on evangelism, possibly a devotional for the week… Stop being anxious and stop your worrying. “Yeah, Jay, easy words to say but the struggle bus is real. How am I going to pay this bill, how am I going to deal with this stress at work, when will this crisis end…?” you may say to me. I would like to remind you that God, the Great I Am, the Father of Lights who knows all…

Deaf Ministry

Need content from Pat. Would also be great to find a graphic that is 1600px by 480px related to people signing or sign language in general. The one I included here is just to foster ideas.