MSBC Purpose and Policy

MSBC Purpose

Midnight Sun Bible Camp seeks to bring people of all ages together in the natural setting of the great outdoors and provide for them a Christian atmosphere for relaxation, recreation, study, and fellowship.

  • To bring about a faith in God as Father and Creator, in Jesus Christ as Son, and in the Holy Spirit as Comforter and Guide.
  • To enrich and strengthen character through Christian example and association.
  • To improve social skills by working, playing, and cooperating with others.
  • To lead to a greater appreciation of spiritual values through the experience of worship, study, and fellowship in the camp setting.
  • To bring about greater unity among Christians from around the state.
  • To develop a healthy appreciation of God’s creation.
  • To instill a knowledge of God’s blessings and our individual responsibility to serve Him.

MSBC Policy

In order to carry out our purposes and goals, a Christian environment must be maintained throughout the camp program. This means that everyone must abide by the general policies of the camp and obey the rules which have been established in order that everyone might have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Everyone is expected to maintain a positive Christian attitude. This means that the individual must conduct himself or herself in keeping with Christian principles. Christian courtesy, modest dress, refraining from unsafe or unhealthy activities, and a Christ-like demeanor are expected at all times. This action will provide the positive example we wish to foster in order to achieve our stated purpose.