Bring Someone With You

You really know you could if you decided to. It takes a little effort and might not always be convenient, but you could do it. It shouldn’t be a last minute thing. You should put thought into it and, of course, prayer. You know people that would benefit eternally from your willingness to show spiritual interest in them. You are already interested in them. They are your friends and neighbors. These are the people you see all the time. Many of them you enjoy being around. You already know a lot about them. They are some of the people you get with for fun activities. You may have known them for a long time. It might be someone you work with and talk with every day. You know about each other’s families and the things each other enjoys doing. You know where each other went on vacation and whether you both have a big screen T.V. You probably know whose T.V. is the newest and biggest. You know if they rent movies or use Netflix. You know who has the latest phone and what they think of it. You know how they feel about immigration, health care, politicians and sports. You know whether they prefer summer activities or winter. You know all these things because you talk to each other. Talking. We all do it. Some more than others.

Tell me why, then, aren’t we talking to others about Jesus? Why aren’t we talking to all these people we know about the Church? Why aren’t we repeatedly making an effort to at least invite them to worship with us? I hope you know the rest of us well enough to know that we will never say or do anything that would embarrass them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after they had worshipped with us they said, “God is certainly among you.” (I Corinthians 14:25)